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Ripping claws
Tearing my flesh,
You are eating me alive

Fear and violence
Are all you possess
And yet, I do not cry.

They pull you off,
A slathering beast,
You stare hungrily for more.

Bleeding and battered,
The remnants for your feast,
Scattered violently across the floor.

And I pray that soon I will be able to forgive
only then will I once again be strong.

She sees a vision all too real
of a helpless little girl
Taken from her innocence
into her shattered world.

Memories of the trusted hand
flashbacks in her mind
Are but fractured segments
of another place and time.

Tear stains on the pillow
footsteps down the hall
Crying out into the night
locked behind the bedroom door.

The faceless image before her
games she didn’t understand
Drawings of a mouthless child
with no arms or hands.

The terror of her childhood dreams
that haunts her mind today
Still lingers in the memory
of a time so far away.

She closes her tear-filled eyes
to block out all the pain
She doesn’t want to remember
or to feel that way again.

The images of the painful past
that come to her at night
Stalk her in the darkened hours
till the morning light.

Mirror, mirror, tell me why
my battered heart cannot comply.
What is missing and where is it found?
Truth in which my emotions are bound.

Mirror, mirror, look at me…
who’s this looking back at me?
An empty smile, an empty stare,
someone lacking loving care.

Mirror, mirror, please vanish my past…
these fears that I have, why do they last?
A lonely child turned into a lonely adult…
deep in my heart, I know it’s my fault.

Mirror, mirror, I’m begging you please…
stop this pain that’s deep inside me.
The abuse, it haunts me, it won’t fade away…
suffering rages through my heart every day.

Mirror, mirror, watch my tears fall
into this empty existence through which I crawl.
Searching for my ray of light to clear my clouds away…
I close my eyes, fold my hands and begin to pray:

"mirror, mirror, I beg to be free…
help me to heal, help me to see.
Banish my storm clouds, banish my pain,
help me to realize my life wasn’t in vain.”

Mirror, mirror, as you fall to the floor,
breaking into pieces, I beg you once more…
that as your life ends, mine will begin,
searching for emotions buried within.

Mirror, mirror, now I must go
to search out the world and bask in its glow.
As I clean up the pieces that once used to be,
I silently thank you for setting me free.